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Every now and then I take back the Hess Ezy Shave No. 1010 shavette, armed with Personna Hair Shaper.
The adapter also allows you to use the Personna Mini, as do Monsieur Charles and Sanguine Coolcut 9 ... without the known tightening problems.
[Image: Ijs33L2.jpg]

I like the consistency of stainless steel.
The weight of 43g (of which 2g of blade) and the dimensions make it look like a 5/8 straight razor.
Balance and ergonomics are excellent, making it agile and precise.
Although it is a totally different instrument, and therefore offers different sensations.
It doesn't have that sweetness and flexibility, but it pays off with a disarming ease of use thanks to the advantages of its blades.

It is a pity that the Japanese manufacturer is no longer in business.
So Hess has been discontinuing distribution of both 1010 and 2020 models few years ago.
[Image: MzXl2qF.jpg]

In fact Amazon (preferred channel) has not it, despite the good reviews received.
They are still online, but sometimes at too high a cost compared to the $25-30 that was its original target, still being an excellent product.

And It's nice in SOTDs.
[Image: OobTP8V.jpg]
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