03-05-2021, 08:10 AM
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We GOT brushes!  I’ve tried to price these brushes reasonably.  

If you need more photos, let me know.
You will not be disappointed with any of these brushes!

Heritage blue/butterscotch EverReady fan knot.
Retail $100

Gold Filled Handle with high density Oumo 26mm 2 band knot

Amber handle Oumo with 26mm silvertip knot
Very soft, but with backbone.

Semogue Owners Club Caravella knot (mixed badger & boar hair)
Retail $60

PAA Switchback Handle with high density Oumo fan knot.
Excellent knot.  Handle is just too long for a face shaver, like me.

[Image: Q8LhDhh.jpg][Image: 8JDUj4l.jpg]

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