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These days I am using the steel RazoRock BBS.
As expected, I found the original version with Super Knurl handle uncomfortable.
[Image: iueXKsu.jpg]

The first attempt to adjust the razor to my preferences was with the usual MR14.
Maggard Razors' aluminum handle is too light a thread.
However, the FrankenRazor Smoother is pleasant.
[Image: fB9VRa4.jpg]
[Image: BFF8PnT.jpg]

Then I tried the handle of the Focus Tritok.
Cumbo Milano processing is more consistent.
In fact the FrankenRazor TriSmooth is perfectly balanced.
[Image: YHelQNB.jpg]
[Image: Pw8DSLd.jpg]

The steel head weighs 32g. The 30g aluminum handle.
This allows me perfect control.
In fact, the curved geometry is easy and intuitive.
It offers a lot of comfort right away.
But the right angle is different than usual.
So a lighter and better balanced weight helps me.

The two razors are absolutely efficient:
  • FrankenRazor TriSmooth
    (RazoRock BBS 32g / Cumbo Srl Focus Tritok Blue 30g)
  • FrankenRazor PP1489
    (Edwin Jagger DE89 29g / Maggard Razors MR14 Aluminium Handle 27g)
In three passes, they deliver a perfect and lasting result (BBS).
[Image: giufIjd.jpg]
[Image: UyonTgb.jpg]

Wanting to find a punch, the RazoRock imposes a very angled use of the handle.
Although my backward grip allows it easily, it is not my habit.
So being consistent in controlling the right cutting angle I found it unnatural.
But that surely is a matter of practice.
Attributable to my hand.
Not to the razor.

A more objective detail is the quality / price ratio.
Both razors are very pleasant, but economically they have different orders of magnitude.
Moreover, the head of the RazoRock alone is difficult to find even in the domestic market.
In practice in Europe it is an unlikely option to say the least.

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