03-11-2021, 05:37 PM
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I will post basic pictures and give a basic description of the items for sale and if anyone is interested, send me a message and I can send detailed pictures.
Not really interested in any trades because I always have other items inbound (I have a problem but at least I can admit it).


Razors from left to right (No Boxes or Packaging Included) (picture 1)
(1) Alpha Outlaw Standard Plate, polished stainless razor with the copper stand ( I have the copper razor so the SS needs a new home) $105 shipped

(2) Yates razor is not available

SOLD (3) Homelike Shaving START polished razor with 1.18 SB plate $65 shipped

TRADED(4) Homelike Shaving Colibri razor with 1.50 SB plate and 1.30 SB plate $75 shipped

SOLD (5) Blackland Tradere OC $200 shipped (will trade for SB Tradere only)

Brushes left to right (picture 2)
Shavemac Brushes
SOLD (1) 24mm Synthetic fan with Ebonite handle $70 shipped

SOLD (2) 24mm Silvertip 2 Band fan with Ebonite handle $120 shipped

(3) 22 or 23 mm (feels larger than that) Finest Fan knot with Ebonite handle $115 shipped

(4) 23mm Finest Fan knot with Ebonite handle $115 shipped

NO LONGER AVAILABLE (5) 22mm Silvertip 2 band Fan with ebonite handle $120 shipped

Brushes left to right (picture 3)
(1) Alpha Shaving copper brush with SHD fan knot (26mm I think] $110 shipped

(2) TF Customs handle with hand tied Rhodium hybrid knot (26mm I think) $125 shipped SOLD

(3) Dogwood Handcraft brush not available

(4) Knothead Brush Works handle with 24mm SHD fan knot $50 shipped

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 03-11-2021, 07:08 PM
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PM sent for the TF Customs brush

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