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Thanks to my friend Bat71@ilRasoio, these days I can try these synth deluxe jewels:
  • Omega Evo Ego
    Silversynth, Marble Resin, 28x55x105mm, 96g
  • Simpson Chubby CH2S
    Platinum Grade Synthetic Bristle, Faux Ivory, 27x50x94mm, 78g
[Image: sTQNkdl.jpg]
Full size 2000x3000px https://imgur.com/sTQNkdl

On paper very similar.
Both in the luxury section of synthetics.
There are actually very few of Synth Deluxe.

In practice I have noticed some differences.
Especially in the behavior of the fiber.
But also in general of the setting.
Less in ergonomics.

The grip is comfortable and safe for both.
Having big hands, I get along better with the Chubby.
Although small, there is more surface and space for the fingertips.
Combined with the lower weight, I find it more manageable.
At least in FL, which is my only use.

The setting is similar, but the two tufts behave differently.
Evo is more compact, with more backbone and spring effect.
Chubby is softer, opens more easily and is less "sprung".
You can also see the difference when loading the soap and drying it.
Evo bends less, Chubby is more docile.
I think they are set differently, under the tuft.
The anchoring seems more marked in the first than in the second.

The fibers are very different.
Thinner in the Chubby and with more elongated tips.
Evo has a sizable section for a synthetic, and shorter tips.
The difference can be clearly seen when wet.
Italian comes together in small packages, English in larger groups.
This is due to the greater flexibility of the barrel.
But also for the angle of refinement at the tip, more gentle.

This is reflected in the usage behavior.
Not better or worse, but different.
Chubby is more suitable for those looking for comfort.
Evo for those who love sustained massage.

Both are incredibly close to a Silvertip rate.
A magnificent Super High Density of the High Mountain White genre.
But simpler, more resistant and cheaper.

Personally I prefer gentler fibers.
Less thick, more flexible and controllable.
But I recognize that these two are magnificent.
Anyone who loves the genre is certainly in love with it.
In practice, two samples of their respective categories.

These brushes demonstrate, if there was still a need, the improvement of the synthetic sector.
From my point of view, the future in general but already absolutely present.
In fact, technology easily surpasses the limits of Mother Nature.
Often wrong, but not in this case.

I also find the aesthetic side very satisfying.
In my SOTDs they are not as good as they are in reality.

[Image: gZwL5fc.jpg]
[Image: 07jLVIcm.jpg][Image: t8LV3M3m.jpeg]
[Image: edxDsvGm.jpg]

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