03-20-2021, 06:08 AM
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I have too many blades so I have been thinning my vintage blade collection as of late. For sale within Canada and the US only at this time please.

For sale is 5 packs of 10 vintage Wilkinson Sword blades made in England during the mid-late 70's for the Australian market. These are either referred to as Sword Master Chromium or the Diagonal lade due to the lines pattern on the blade itself. Great blades, super smooth. Just finished one recently got 19 shaves from it, could have gone a few more but wanted to try another blade out. Also included are 5 packs of 10 Wizamet Super Iridium blades from the early 2010-2011 production run, highly regarded blades as many already know. 2 lots available asking $52 USD shipped per lot. If interested in both lots PM me to discuss. 

Any questions feel free to ask

[Image: zSaBv3H.jpg][Image: FTemFNo.jpg][Image: BljL9qD.jpg][Image: 36EGugJ.jpg]

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