03-25-2021, 05:05 AM
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I’ve read these are quite good and for the money £58 GBP I thought I’d give it a shot.

Karve customer service.
Ordered direct from Karve Sunday, they posted out Monday and arrived Wednesday DHL delivery to UK.

I like aggressive razors so opted for their F plate in both solid bar and open comb (I love combs)

I think these photos will show the level of craftsmanship and I was pleasantly surprised considering the price.

It’s beautiful to hold, I ordered their longest handle 4” it’s a heavy razor for sure.

I opted for the original top cap with exposed blade tabs, they stick out far.

More photos in the comments.

[Image: c04518e36d74c17e52f462b5800b35cb.jpg]
[Image: d59609054d34b8b09dbe0b61d333f616.jpg]

[Image: 5d29b47861916e995105ac51645e4bff.jpg]
[Image: 3ffb47886736372468d6322df0082176.jpg]
[Image: 2d6aa75c331fc3fc217a8e5c2f142280.jpg]
[Image: a5856e0204a96845bb03cd9602b88be5.jpg]
[Image: b9a7e04a8621832945b7691bb4aa38bb.jpg]
[Image: 246c31332afa3fc28300611ff7a3adc3.jpg]

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 03-25-2021, 05:08 AM
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[Image: 409f3ef242324f6cbd4e251a97b1b0bd.jpg]
[Image: 84e11cb4edc845ee5d22662eb7b6b7b0.jpg]
[Image: c1747901dd9aaad7b48a68b7349ee59e.jpg]
[Image: e98031907fdb6ad86bec03ab580954df.jpg]
[Image: 6b7b06b0c0c704aecdcbf1bd3d24c96b.jpg]
[Image: c8778213034cb01b54adacdd3f2f86a8.jpg]
[Image: 938128e2344ad8b029d7e52767fdb2b5.jpg]
[Image: c82873476a322bcbe1647ae39c0dd310.jpg]
[Image: e35dd9b555f2e8a9075a587f75c08991.jpg]

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 03-25-2021, 05:09 AM
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[Image: 75f09ebd397185e8f5cbbccaa60b386b.jpg]
[Image: f58d0b2c5eef4f135d763200492e33b3.jpg]
[Image: 19ae3ea16e6e7523012f32fd5fc4bad3.jpg]
[Image: 15eba0381bb372514cd31ec1b469612a.jpg]

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 03-25-2021, 07:34 AM
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It is a great razor....I have the B, C and D plates...love the D plate....have not ventured beyond....for fear of it being too aggressive for me

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 03-25-2021, 09:06 AM
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Good to hear that Karve has improved their order fulfillment time. I have a brass and a stainless with the D, E, F & G plates in SB and some in OC. I like the larger gaps but seem to have settled on the E plate.

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 03-25-2021, 12:24 PM
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Super razor. I have A and AA plates. Nephew has G plate.

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