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This is a re-listing and consolidation of a previous B/S/T thread that was 3/4 sold and therefore difficult to navigate.
All prices include CONUS shipping.
1) Never-used 75ml bottle of Michael for Men. 
[Image: Hz4ZMV2.png]

[Image: fOtYwGJ.png]

[Image: pRJBkU2.jpg]

This is the original, pre-reformulation and discontinued version. I have two other bottles and don't need 3.
This size sells on average on the auction site for $50.00.
Your price $45.00
2) Yves Saint Laurent Kouros EdT
This is a 100ml spray bottle with about 33% remaining (33ml).
ORIGINAL, long-discontinued formula. The atomizer works great. The bottle shows wear.
10ml samples are selling for $30.00 
Your price $50.00
3) Vintage, J.B. Williams Aqua Velva 
6oz bottle with about 90% remaining. 
$25.00 (priced well-below what they go for on...you know where and I ship for free)
4) Old Spice Lime AS. 4 3/4oz. 95% remaining. Let's get this sold. $20.00
[Image: ohYgj2P.jpg]
[Image: 6L7TBmA.jpg]
[Image: Cg0YzBk.jpg]
[Image: RqdgSQl.jpg]

5) Xyrena 66 Extrait de Parfum
Unisex, 50ml. Sprayed 4X.
[Image: LStDIz5.png]

Retails for [Image: Im4xQH4.png] plus shipping.
Your price $45.00 
PayPal payments.
PM me if interested.
Thanks for looking.

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