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Hi all, started shaving in the 80s, and about six months ago got my first badger brush and safety razor set as a gift.  Nothing fancy, and the razor didn't last me more than a couple shaves before I chucked it, it left me looking like something had blown up in my face every time I used it and the badger brush had a fuel smell to it.  That smell in the brush is what got me on the internet and looking for information and this whole new world of razors and brushes and soaps opened up to me.  I've been having a blast with different shave creams and soaps, my wife is into this with me to some degree - she let me shave her hooha with the PJ2 and she liked it so much she commondered it and gets into my shave creams now.

The PJ2 she took from me, I thought it was a good brush, loved the handle but the knot was too soft for me.  That's when I got the ROVER with a Manchurian knot, and boy howdy - love that knot!  The handle is good but I wanted something a little more ergo.  Ordered the M7 and had my first shave with it a few minutes ago.  The knot, even though it's a Manchurian and the same size it gives a different experience - it's a great brush and knot - love the scritch but the handle is a bit much for my hand - I bowl lather when I shave at the sink - when I shave in the shower sometimes I bowl lather and sometimes I hand lather.  I could see trying a bigger knot but not sure if I'd like it or if I'd get spoiled and want only bigger knots...   I love the scritch in the Manchurian knots and the 22mm size seems right for me - the PJ2's knot was a little too soft for what I'm realizing is my taste I think.  I'm not looking to become a collector of brushes but I do want a solid rotation so all my brushes can dry between uses - I shave everyday.  The razor I'm using is good - it was a blind buy for me and doesn't disappoint - I have a selection of blades that I'm going through - it's fun.  Though, now that I'm into this wet shaving business and knowing I don't want to be a collector of razors either, I've been eyeing the Rocnel Sailor - that's a sweet looking bit of kit and I think I want one.  Can't wait for that to drop.  Anyway, I'm Havery, nice to meet everyone.  If you have any recommendations on brushes with knots that are comparable to the Simpson Manchurian with handles shorter than the M7 but taller than the ROVER - feel free to let me know - I still need a couple more brushes.  Take care and thanks for all the great information in this forum, especially those SOTD posts - that's great stuff!

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