04-24-2021, 07:59 AM
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Above The Tie SE1 and GE1 (latest version).

Both are terrific stainless razors.

Selling both along with the stainless ATT handle (as a lot) for only $199 shipped to the US. Considering what these premium razors sell for new, I think this is an extremely fair deal for someone.

I will also include a nice supply of new blades for each razor and a surprise top-shelf soap from my collection as a freebie!


[Image: 5041940bc16d34fd9f496069190acf45.jpg]
[Image: 216bab30afd63c5d16561bf575770ab6.jpg]
[Image: ccbb9c7b49113e0115a3e1fdc828301f.jpg]
[Image: 4bc94f899bcb929d0a1d3e7f7bc7cf2c.jpg]

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