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Here are three items up for sale:

1. Vulfix 2336 (Brush is slightly used, note some of the paint is off the letters from bowl lathering) New costs 85.00
Loft: 57mm
Knot: 26mm
Hair type: super badger
Asking 40.00+shipping

2. Shavemac 2 band regular silver tip (knotted by Rudy Vey, in horn resin handle) This brush is only slightly used, and almost new condition it hasn't come to full bloom yet.. less than one year old, it has approximately 29 uses on it... New it costs 150.00
Hair type: 2 band regular silver tip
Loft height: 47mm
Knot Dia: 23mm
Handle length: 2 5/16" long.
Asking 105.00+shipping

3. Georgetown pottery G20 scuttle. Just as good as new condition, has no chips, cracks ect. 
Holds 20 oz. of water, and comes with a rubber stopper with a pewter cap. **Note** this is not a second, or a flawed piece..
Asking 40.00+shipping
Note** Shipping to any 48 contiguous stat[Image: DZBVLfa.jpg]es.
I accept paypal payment
[Image: gJuZFwD.jpg][Image: NB33TyW.jpg]

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