05-13-2021, 12:57 PM
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I've had two shaves with this razor but here are my thoughts thus far:

It is a beautiful piece. Polish is nice, no visible issues whatsoever. On par with the polished timeless I've got and better than the RR razors I've got, as it should be based on the price difference.

The presentation is awesome with the leather pouch. It came with a 5 pack tuck of Gillette Platinum, which i used on the first shave with this razor. I also got the Hyoer Aggressive base plate, I'll make an update once I've used it.

The shave is very smooth. A good amount of blade feel, but not menacing. On par with a setting 6 on my rex ambassador. Even with the blade feel, it is VERY smooth and VERY comfortable once the angle is dialed in. The first shave was great and only lopped off two pimples. The second shave was even better. No nics or cuts or irritation. I got an even better result the second time as I was able to find a better angle to use. This is a great shaving razor. Very close but comfortable. Shave one was with the provided gillette Platinum, shave two was with personna Platinum chrome made in Israel. Both new blades.

In terms of aggressiveness or efficiency, it is the same for me as the setting 6 of my rex ambassador, more aggressive than the 2013 version of the r41, way more efficient and aggressive than the highest setting on the slim or fatboy, etc. This is the most efficient razor I've got tied with the rex and the HA will be even more efficient.

I got the Dallas handle. While it is beautiful, I have been spoiled with my rex ambassador. I find i want more grip. It is the same problem I have with my polished timeless with the dimple handle. More grip is needed. I'll be looking around for another polished handle with more grip. If I use an alum block on my fingers this no problem at all.

This is a razor that, with time and technique, can be used daily. I shave every other day and this was comfortable even with only 2 days growth. I do have thick, coarse growth.
[Image: 51da36ad42f9776ad372734845b5d39a.jpg][Image: d7462d44ce1ba84b1abfb2ff1a3e97a5.jpg][Image: 15500cb7424647308800579fab0bb3e5.jpg][Image: 33105c24dbd323139efddaf62bb9be09.jpg][Image: 29a7505b56c61cfd547aee188a3d01a5.jpg][Image: d52d835ff52515ed38befe795128f270.jpg][Image: fa211b48894b430dfad45075aac4971c.jpg][Image: a24819a5534ae3dcca83dc21600785b7.jpg][Image: a75d04a479f5e380b40255fcafc270c8.jpg]

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 05-13-2021, 04:47 PM
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Pic heavy. Love it! It seems you may have found a worthy tool for your needs. I see what you mean about the handle. It looks like it could be a bit skinny/slippery. Give it a few more shaves before making any final decisions. Thanks for sharing Smile

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