05-16-2021, 02:36 PM
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Letting go of a few things to make room for inbound gear. I have videos of the 2 brushes I can send on request as well. 

Timeless SS .68 OC, polished finish. Comes with the Timeless TRH6 titanium handle which IMO actually feels more balanced than it does with the titanium head. Includes all original packaging and a new Timeless shaving towel.  Very lightly used as I prefer the Ti version. MSRP is $240, asking $185 shipped and insured. 

SOLD! Haircut & Shave N075 electropolished machine finish. This H&S N075 strikes an amazing balance between efficiency and comfort. A must try if you haven’t yet. Don’t let the neutral blade exposure fool you, this is a highly efficient shaver. This one was only used a handful of times. MSRP for the electropolished machine finish is $210, asking $185 shipped and insured.

SOLD! “Thor’s Anvil” is a Grizzly Bay chub club style handle with a 26mm Grizzly Bay HMW 3-band bulb knot set at 48mm loft. Super dense, extra soft tips, great backbone for face lathering.  The knot is set with silicone so I can swap it out for a 2-band if you prefer over a 3-band, or you can set your favorite knot as well. Paid $140, asking $100 shipped. 

“Nightfall” is a Grizzly Bay fluted Blackwood handle with a 26mm Odin’s Beard 2-band bulb set at 50mm loft. The knot shape is more of a hybrid than a true bulb, great combination of backbone and splay which also makes an outstanding face latherer with only slightly more scrub than the HMW. This is my preferred badger knot. Knot is set with epoxy.   Paid $150, asking $100. 

[Image: QRVdPU9.jpg]

[Image: vAjfJse.jpg]

[Image: p6ScYSv.jpg]

[Image: AsTAdMh.jpg]

[Image: ML0ElB7.jpg]

[Image: gX0yIUN.jpg]

[Image: yZXHaW6.jpg]

[Image: xpunQrC.jpg]

[Image: ckwftrZ.jpg]

[Image: tpde1jg.jpg]

[Image: iM68X3E.jpg]

[Image: ODpJTtm.jpg]

[Image: xS3ZIXE.jpg]

[Image: ELWX1Wu.jpg]

[Image: ADvjlcr.jpg]

[Image: 1enaRsZ.jpg]

[Image: 7BSx5NI.jpg]

[Image: xvvF8iq.jpg]

[Image: il8Nzxz.jpg]

[Image: IAS8ZA5.jpg]

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 05-16-2021, 02:40 PM
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Beautiful selection

Fayiz D.

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 05-17-2021, 04:29 AM
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Thor’s Anvil brush and N075 razor are both sold.

The Timeless Razor and Blackwood Brush still available.

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