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Comes with original box and I am original owner. Razor used 1X. The Stainless steel razor is $200 Free shipping CONUS I paid $250 with 3 platesThe Christopher Bradley razor is a classic double edge safety razor that will provide a smooth shave and years of service.  All aspects of manufacture are meticulously controlled to provide consistent performance and clean aesthetics.
The Stainless Steel entire razor is constructed from solid 303 stainless steel and is bead blasted for a subtle matte finish. Comes with 4" Handle and 3 plates, E SB, G SB, F OC. After bead blasting, all parts are passivated.
[Image: 6032d18b44618d2757c2d5d1c7baf5db.jpg][Image: 914385a1ca2a916095d532989da534b6.jpg][Image: eb79adc27fb548bc3b658255615c4b9c.jpg][Image: 65247fc65163085002046250b870a5d7.jpg][Image: fca8288c29ef1315a031e2986715382f.jpg]

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