06-11-2021, 02:55 AM
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Hi all,
I am a minimalist and I usually only keep 2-3 soaps on hand, and I am running low so I want to treat myself to a top tier soap. I have my eyes on A&E vetiver magnifique,  because it is known it have a medium scent strength,  unlike some of the others they offer. My skin can usually only take mid strength soaps.  Anyways could anyone give me an idea of what this vetiver magnifique smells like? I am not very familiar with vetiver. .

Also i may get the Barrister and man excelsior base. This one that is considered mid/mild strength and that's Cheshire.  I really don't know what Earl Grey tea smells like. So is the B&M excelsior a high structure slick and  creamy lather the way A&E appears to be on shaving videos?



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