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I'm kinda new to this wet shaving thing.  I picked up an old razor at an auction in a box of junk for  $1.  Nothing in the box was worth saving, except for a clunky old-fashioned razor in its original box.  Reminded me of my Dad.  It said "Gillette Super-Speed" on the red-and-clear plastic box.  It didn't have any indication of a year on it (I later learned it was '48-'50).  I shoved it in my pocket and tossed the rest of my $1 bargain box of junk into the dumpster.  I took the razor home, cleaned it up, and sterilized it.  It was quaint.  There was a package of old blades in there, too.  I didn't look at them, figured they were garbage.  I set it on a shelf with an old box camera and my grandfather's pipe and forgot about it.  Didn't think much of it until about a year later when my electric Norelco's battery was dead and I needed to get to work.  I was out of disposable twin-blade razors (hadn't used them in years).  The clunky old Gillette razor came off the shelf, my last resort.  I opened the fragile, yellowed box of blades and pulled out a razor blade.  It was a rusty relic I didn't dare to use.  So was the next one.  The third one was better; it was rusty here and there, but one side of the blade's cutting edge didn't have any rust on it; it'd have to work.  I poured some alcohol over it and called it good.  I used a can of foam that's been under the sink for many years (maybe over a decade) and this razor.  Surprisingly, the rusty can of foam worked, sort of.  It was more of a watery puss than foamy shaving cream, but I didn't have time to worry about it.  I opened the old razor's Blast Doors that opened up like a missile silo, and dropped in the not-too-rusty old blade.  I waas careful to use only the side of the blade that wasn't rusty.  It wasn't the best shave in the world, but at least I didn't cut myself (no tetanus shots required).  I headed off to work, pretty much on time.  I got through the day without anyone commenting about whiskers, so I guess I pulled it off.  I discovered this forum and lurked a while.  Using what odds and ends I learned here, I experimented with different blades like Wilkinson Sword, Bluebird, and Minora... didn't dare to try Feather.  I had been using canned foam again (new ones this time).  Months later, on a whim, I added some goofy solid soap and a bowl from Viking Revolution (had to use YouTube to figure out how to use the darned stuff!).  After figuring out how it worked, it was pretty cool.  Very "grandpaw."  The badger brush and bowl wasn't as foamy as the stuff in a can, but it seemed to let the blade "glide" better across my face (although that might have been my imagination).  I tried a boar brush, just to see what the difference was.  I thought boar was easier to lather up on my face, but badger worked better with a bowl (though I confess I really don't know what I'm doing yet, just a lot of trial and error).  This led me to picking up some Art of Shaving cream in a tube, then Italian Proraso cream, then on to Taylor of Old Bond Street from the UK.  I figured I'd try a newer razor than this antique Super-Speed, so picked up a Muhle R89 head on a US-made handle (the cute little King C. Gillette Heritage Travel Razor kit); I really like it!  The Heritage gives me just about an identical shave to the old Super-Speed.  The Super-Speed (with badger brush and soap/bowl) is my daily razor, and the new Heritage will live in my travel bag (with boar brush and cream in a tube that I can lather on my face).  I never did bother to charge up my old Norelco again; it's been pushed to the back of the toothbrush drawer and has been pretty much forgotten.  Maybe I'll rediscover it someday.  Yeah, I'm a noob here, but I've learned a LOT from you fellas by lurking in this forum.  Thanks for the education you didn't know you were providing!  :-)  Figured I'd be polite and register instead of remaining an eavesdropper.
- Bax

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Welcome to TSN.

A greeting.

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Welcome to the Nook!!!

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Bax, welcome to TSN.

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Bax, welcome to TSN. Have fun and enjoy your shaves Smile

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Welcome to TSN

Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA

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Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride Smile

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