06-22-2021, 01:33 PM
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For sale is an ATT Calypso S1 Slant.  It is in really great shape

This is one of the earlier ones that was two-toned anodized.  

At the time, the razor cost $96.00 - going to ATT now shows the Aluminum razors to be $64.00
Mine is selling with the Aluminum inkwell stand and I can't find one on the ATT site, so they may be discontinued.  When new it was $34.00.  

Lets take the new price of a new razor (64.00) and add the price of the stand at 34.00 ... and that is $98.00

Then, since it is used, I knock off about 50% and sell for $50.00 and I'll pay shipping in the USA.

Original packaging included - thanks for looking

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