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I saw positive remarks about this soap.  I tracked it down.  Shipping from France was too $ so I bought it from Stone Field Shaving in Canada.  $39.94 was the shipped price.  Ouch.

Well it arrived.  I've used it 5 times.  And its a really nice soap.  Lathers well, adequately slick and protective.  I could put it in my 15-20 soap rotation - except, the scent doesn't make me go "mmmm."  And thats a big factor for me.

From the E&S Rasage site:  Fragrance with a fresh and dynamic start, with fruity notes of Cassis and Bergamot, then reveal marine and floral notes in the heart, woody notes as well as Tree Moss finish the olfactory sensation. Fresh flight followed by a lively aquatic note.

So, its for sale.  $25 shipped US50 in a padded envelope.  

[Image: 7x1Edl8.jpg]
[Image: rUBcUQ6.jpg]
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