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I was wondering if anyone knew what years Gillette made their U.S. Service Set?  I have one with a razor date code starting with "M".  At first I thought that can't be authentic to the set but then was wondering, how long did they make those?  Did they make them into 1920?

Also, does anybody know what years the fat boy was made?  Would love to get one from my birth year (1965) but have never seen them.  Did they make the slim in '65?

Thank you for your expertise!


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 07-08-2021, 03:43 AM
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Dunno about the Service Set, but the Fat Boy looks like it ended its run in 1962.  Surely you can find a '65 Slim (which ran from '61-'68) in regular finish or in gold. 
At least according to gilletteadjustable.com/date-codes/
I think the gold Slim was called the "Aristocrat."

The Slim is the one James Bond used in Goldfinger (1964, I think), so when shaving with your Slim, you can pretend you're an Double Ought Secret Agent.  (Insert Bond music here.)  Vintage Gillette Slims DO NOT normally come with the cool homing device hidden in their handles, though.

But I'm no expert... I'm new here.  
I just searched with DuckDuckGo.
I'm sure you'll get tons of info about the Service Sets (and related Khaki Sets).
There are many smart people here.  And folks like me, too.
- Bax

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