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I shaved half of my face with a '48 Super-Speed and the other half with a '61 Flare Tip, so I could compare the two.  I'm new here, so my opinions might not pass muster with the greybeards in the forum and the validity of my conclusions might be suspect due to my innocent ignorance, so I'll lay out what I did... and results I got:

Each razor got a brand new Personna Lab Blue blade (that reportedly starts as a medium aggressive blade that gets sharper in later shaves, after the coating wears off).  I used TOBS (Sandalwood) because it's easy to lather and smells good.  Used a new Semogue boar brush (that has been wet exactly twice, including my foam and lather experiments last night).  I bowl-lathered with a small Viking Revolution stainless bowl.  No pre-shave potions, just a steamy, wet towel to prep my whiskers.  Splashed some hot water on my manly jaw, then on went the foam.  (I impressed myself with my foam this morning - yesterday's practice with this new brush really helped!)  I gave it my now-standard 2-pass shave.  First a WTG pass, then an ATG pass (with XTG under my nose).  Warm water rinse to get rid of the residual lather, cold water rinse to close pores, dried my face with a clean towel, then splashed on some astringent Cella aftershave lotion.  It felt great!

Results?  The Super-Speed side was an impressive BBS while the Flare-Tip side was a perfectly acceptable CCS.  Had I not used the Super-Speed on the OTHER side of my face, I'd have been impressed by the Flare Tip.  But "facing off" directly with the Super-Speed, the Super-Speed beat the Flare Tip by a nose (that's where my whiskers are, after all).  

I THOUGHT they'd give me an identical shave -- NOPE!  I conclude that the Flare-Tip has slightly different geometry than the Super-Speed which resulted in a milder shave from the Flare Tip.  Either that or I'm better at shaving the right side of my face with my right hand than I am at shaving the left side of my face with my right hand...
- Bax

Moderator:  not sure if this belongs in "discussion" or "DE Razors."  Please move if I goofed.  Thanks!  :-)

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Blade gap is not the only factor to use when comparing razors but thought I would look these 2 up for grins and giggles.

1948 Super Speed - 0.025" (0.64mm)
1961 Flare Tip - 0.023" (0.58mm)

So the 1948 Super Speed had an ever so slightly larger blade gap than the 1961 Flare Tip making the Super Speed slightly more aggressive.  You stated the Flare Tip was slightly milder than than the Super Speed.  This bears out from the blade gap and your observation of a slightly different geometry.

Good work, Bax!

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 07-09-2021, 08:40 AM
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You’re off to a good start, Bax. Tbh, the (retired) researcher in me wouldn’t be satisfied until many more repetitions of the trials were conducted. You should also experiment with alternating which side of your face you do first (keeping the same razor assigned to a specific side) and analyze those results. I’d also suggest an equal number of similar trials that would be mirror images of the former. Use the same brush, soap, blades and aftershave.

Your assignment should take a good month, month and a half. There’s no getting out of it now, mister. We look forward to the write up of your findings Smile

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 07-09-2021, 09:35 AM
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Further analytical testing of the SS vs FT will have to wait, I'm afraid.  I just received my 1960 Fat Boy in the mail and it's begging me to take it for a test drive!  I enjoy testing, comparing, and trying stuff out, but I've also got the attention span of a goldfish, Charlie!

Good sleuthing on blade gaps, Chappy.  That's like the Flare Tip is almost a Slim set on #3 (.022 is as close as it gets to .023) and the Super-Speed is the same as the Slim set on #4 (.025).  Hmm... I like my Slim best when it's set on #7 or #8.  This might require more poorly-executed and incomplete testing!

Gee, I've never wanted my whiskers to grow FASTER until I joined this forum...
- Bax

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