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I wondered which travel razor would give me a better shave, the new Gillette Heritage Travel razor (Muhle 89 head on a Gillette-made handle) or the old-school Gillette Travel Tech razor.  As you can see in the pic below, I replaced the awkward, stubby little Travel Tech handle for three reasons: (1) the tiny little handle was goofy to use, (2) it looked like a child's toy razor, and (3) the Parker 2-piece take-down handle was just COOL!   

I used the same goop to shave.  Proraso white label shaving cream, followed up with Cella aftershave balm.
Both razors got brand new Wilkinson Sword (India) blades.
I used one razor on one side of my face and the other razor on the opposite side of my face.
Below the Travel Tech with Parker handle is on the left, Gillette Heritage Travel razor (that uses the Muhle 89 head) is on the right.
[Image: ZEizO4R.jpg]
The "feel" from each razor was different.   The Heritage/Muhle head felt a lot like a regular modern zinc/Zamac razors.  It gave me a great shave on half of my face.  On the other side, I used a 1967 Travel Tech (on the 2-pc Parker handle).  It gave me a great shave, too, but felt very different on my face during my shave.  The Travel Tech felt somehow "safer."  I could race that razor around my ugly mug at light speed, without being careful, and didn't get a nick or cut (or even the THREAT of one).  It seemed like a foolproof sort of safety razor design.  The head on the Travel Tech was flatter, too so I could get up under my schnozzola better.  (I always thought "schnozzola" was Italian, but it's Yiddish!  Who knew?!?!)

In the pic below, you can see how cheap-looking the Travel Tech head (left) seems, when compared to the Gillette Heritage (right).  The Heritage head seem to make more mechanical sense with the 3 pegs to hold the blade rather than one, like the Gillette Travel Tech.  But the Gillette Heritage/Muhle head lacks the little index tabs on the cap like the Travel Tech has.  Different ways to do the same job, I guess. The Travel Tech head looked (and seemed/felt) cheaper and more delicate than the Gillette Heritage's head.  

[Image: re5fYPU.jpg]

In the end, I concluded that despite the incredibly similar shave, the klutz-proof forgiving feel of the old Travel Tech razor gave it the edge.  (Edge... razor... see what I did there?)  When paired with the clever 2-piece Parker handle, I think the '67 Travel Tech ended up being all around cooler for a hip, happenin', groovy young hepcat like me (23 Skidoo!).  The Gillette Heritage is a great razor -- and cheap, too!  But I think I'll make the '67 Travel Tech (with 2-pc Parker handle) my Official Baxendale Family Approved Travel Razor that'll live in my Dopp kit from this day forward.  [Yes, since joining this forum, I no longer have a "travel kit" -- it's now known as a "Dopp Kit."  I have been assimilated.]
- Bax

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