07-21-2021, 04:25 PM
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A friend from a Danish barber shop just offered me this DE razor for a review for his shop.

He wants an experienced guy, who uses cartridge razors, to test it.

I sold my 25-30 piece DE razor collection 4-5 years ago and only shave using Fusion 5 and Mach 3 now with smooth great results.

So has never tried the Mühle Rocca before - heard it’s in between the R89 and R41 in aggression.

Also heard the newest version is V.4.
How do I make sure I get the newest version of this razor ?
Rumour says the stainless steel handles version only was made in batch V.4, so getting that instead of the Birch and black handled version should mean I’m sure it’s a V.4 head. But I’m not sure.

How do you feel the Rocca performs ?
What type DE blade do you prefer in it ?


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 07-21-2021, 08:07 PM
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The R94 is the latest I believe...V4...shaves excellent..maybe even better than the EJ316...still have to test them together...I am only one shave in but really enjoyed it...
Its available on amazon too....has the stainless steel handle and the latest head

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 07-21-2021, 09:13 PM
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I had the original Rocca when it first launched. It was a very aggressive razor. Too aggressive for my preferences. Extremely well built though. Don't know anything about subsequent variants including the V4.

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 07-22-2021, 12:04 AM
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I got a R95 just after the release, shave performance was good but the inside surfaces of the V1 head were not very pretty.
Mühle exchanged the head to the newest V4 version without any problem - great customer service. Shave wise the V4 head is similar to the earlier V1, smooth with good efficiency.

You can find further information on the different versions in this thread from ATG:

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There is also a thread on B&B about this topic, See especially posts #44, 45 and 46.

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 07-22-2021, 02:43 AM
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Have had the R94 for a few months and love it. 

Fantastic build quality, excellent balance, and nice smooth shaves. Recommended!

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