10-06-2012, 06:39 AM
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Hi all,

We start October with a Florena offer. Three ASB's and one cream for a nice price.

[Image: Florena_Quartet_50700b0a16d0f.jpg]


And ofcourse we have a nice TFS-offer: the TFS hard soap with their dragon logo imprinted. For now, it's the Bergamotto Neroli and Tabacco Verde variants, but I hope we will be able to announce more scents to the hard soaps soon.

[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___506e6bd0d49ca.jpg]


We now also carry Old Spice aftershave http://www.barbieredifigaro.nl/index.php...=5&lang=nl

and aftershave from 4711, but I have yet to put this one on the site.

More news to follow!

Have a nice weekend!


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