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Artisan Rules:

We encourage Artisans to be active contributing members to the forum and really appreciate the value that excellent artisans add to the membership. We ask that you follow these basic rules.

1) In order to be considered an Artisan, you must make your own product whether it is turning brush handles, making shave soap or making shaving scuttles. Providing a service such as honing or re-plating would also qualify you as an artisan.

2) Prior to being accepted as an Artisan on the Shave Nook, you must have at least 45 posts and one month of service time as a member.

3) Having a website is optional; You do not need to have a website in order to be considered an artisan. You do however need to make your own products.

4) There is a small annual fee to be an artisan on the Shave Nook. Contact one of the moderators or administrators if you are interested in becoming a Shave Nook artisan.

5) Artisans are allowed to sell their personal items in the B/S/T just like a regular member. However, Artisans cannot sell stock items in the B/S/T

6) Artisans are not permitted to post comments in other members' B/S/T listings that feature their products

7) We are more relaxed than some forums and realize that artisans are knowledgeable about their products. Feel free to add relevant information in all areas of the Shave Nook. We encourage you to be a regular contributing member and we value what you can bring to the conversation.

8) No "thread bumping" (making pointless posts just to bring your thread to the top).Posts must be pertinent product additions/re-stocks/discontinuations, or sales/specials.

9) Product Reviews: We support the many fine artisans who are developing their own products and encourage them to seek feedback, as they develop. However, to maintain a spirit of fairness for all artisans, the following guidelines must be followed:
a. Reviews of artisan products shall be posted in the Artisan Corner forum and not in our Shaving Gear review sub-forums.
b. Reviews of artisan products are limited to two (2) reviewers/posts of each product.
c. No "thread bumping". Posts must be pertinent to the review and reviewers and artisans are encouraged to "remain silent" after the review of the product is posted.
d. The above will be closely moderated and violators will be subject to thread closures, warnings or ultimately banning from The Shave Nook.

10) Please post all contests in the Contests, Drawings, and Give-A-Ways Section.

11) Known artisans must be paid artisans to conduct any business on the site (including listing e-mail addresses, websites or making use of the PM system)

12) Artisans may not request Paypal Personal Payments (e.g. gifts) in their For Sale ads. Your price must include all fees.

13) These rules are subject to change as the need arises.

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