08-02-2021, 02:52 PM
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Like new used 1x. Excellent razor smooth and efficient looking to trade for a Blackbird Ti or sell for $250. I paid $285 direct from Switzerland. The Blutt Rasur BR-1 safety razor is made out of 1.4305 / 303 stainless steel in Switzerland. Unlike common die cast razors, it is CNC milled. This solid material manufacturing allows for tighter tolerances, as well as an improved blade fit.
Due to its flat head shape, the BR-1 is very maneuverable and also allows for easy upper lip shaving. The concealed blade tabs ensure a safe shave.
[Image: f6d777994e6c1f77e949c44e73dfc9fe.jpg][Image: e8565727fa9e0f574771f27702ee2a4c.jpg][Image: 2c0640565862ba4014d58df03fe54c06.jpg][Image: ad7307b26dec28034a6c615bb2899680.jpg]

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