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You do not have to be living on the streets to justifiably participate in this. If:

You have lost your job

Have a small business with significantly lower revenues

Experienced a health emergency draining funds

ANYTHING that places hardship on you

Please reach out to accept this hand up. We have a veritable tonne of highly desirable items donated: most never used - others, hardly used. NOBODY will ever know who was a recipient except me and my lips are sealed. I know damn well there are people out there suffering in silence needlessly. While we can’t fix every problem in society, people have reached out to the community with a hand extended in friendship.

This is an offer extended to those experiencing financial straits. We won’t question your status nor seek proof. However, please do not take advantage of this offer if your situation isn’t challenging as it takes resources from those with a real need (a terribly penned sentence but it communicates the message). Recipients rest assured nobody will disclose your name.

Please PM me to discuss your needs, allergies and limitations so we can send products that you can enjoy. There are a variety of products from a variety of well known vendors some of which are in my rotation - which is to state really good quality items.

Members of various fora have VERY generously donated outstanding software and hardware regularly featured in SOTD photos. These items are all top quality representing what any shaver would proudly use and display. It is solely based on their generosity that this offer exists. Those willing to donate software, hardware or contribute prepaid postage labels to specific recipients also please PM

DFS, its members nor contributors to this effort are liable in any way nor will they be identified as to what was sent to specific recipients. It is a shame to need state this but fears have been raised regarding legal liability. Frankly, I could give a damn and would welcome the opportunity to tell a judge or jury how a hand of friendship was extended only to be met with a slap to the face.

Come on folk, let’s do some good in these tough times and those yet to come

Best to all

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