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A slightly newer advertisement than I’ve brought up lately, Gillette released this at about the same I was born. There is a couple of interesting points to make when it comes to the ad and what it shows.

(if it wont play, watch it here)

First off, let me disagree that the Trac II was the best new idea in safety razors for half a century.

Secondly, the short film gives an interesting look into how the Trac II cartridge was assembled, with a metal shim between the blades. Just tiny little slits for letting water and lather pass through, so small wonder carts like it clogs something fierce.

And thirdly, it is interesting because the Trac II is one of the first -if not the first – reasonable successful attempts to get shavers to put their traditional safety razors on the shelf and enter a new walled garden – something Gillette keeps doing..

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 08-26-2021, 04:34 AM
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I didn’t remember that ad, Hans. Thanks for sharing.

Honestly, I don’t have any major objections to the Trac II. I used it early on, switching over from the Wilkinson Bonded system when blades were no longer available in my area. I found the Trac II to be reliable and it provided a good, quick shave.

When Gillette kept introducing newer, better, greater incarnations of their carts, I followed them down the rabbit hole. None of those was any better than the Trac II. Just more expensive. All of my original handles eventually wound up in landfills. I apologize to Mother Earth for my transgressions.

Years after switching over to DE razors, I learned about a Gillette PII razor that is currently made in India. It is simply a rebranded Trac II. The carts also seem to be identical to the original. It’s easy and effective. Because they are so mild and safe (I understand why Gillette referred to  the Trac II as a safety razor), I use one to clean the top of my pinnae. It keeps the Wolfman look at bay.

No Trac II bashing from me. I’m a believer.

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 08-26-2021, 04:41 AM
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My first razor was a Track II Demonstrator Razor.  It was a freebie razor give-away that my Dad got when they were trying to introduce the razor... as I recall, it came "free" if you bought a little pack of cartridges.  He used it once or twice, then bought a fancier handle and gave me the cheap plastic Demonstrator because he noticed I had a little tiny whisker starting to show on my chin.   I used it for maybe 10-12 years, until the little tiny plastic tension doodah (that held the blade in place) got brittle over time and broke off; it'd no longer hold the cartridges in place on the T-handle, so I pitched it.  Then I bought an electric razor and used that for many years until I became a fan of DE razors during the pandemic.
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 08-26-2021, 10:59 AM
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Trac II was the razor that convinced me to hang up my Shick injector and I liked it.  But then came the swivel head which sucked because it would not stay at the proper angle when it hit my whiskers (snagged) and necessitated holding the head rigid with my finger.  Then three blades.  Then 4 blades.  Then financial pre-approval before attempting to buy a pack of replacement carts.  Nope.  A three piece and Astra greens got me off the hamster wheel.  Cool add though.  Very well scripted.  “Two blades are better than the one you are currently using”.

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 08-26-2021, 01:34 PM
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I can remember my dad using Gillette’s good news disposable razors. By the time I started shaving, Gillette had introduced the sensor razor. Like Chazt and many others, I went down the disposable cart rabbit hole until a few years ago when I discovered wet shaving. I keep a cart in my travel bag but that’s it.

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