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- Sebum Customs Leatherneck set, soap new unused, 1.7oz serum new.unused, partially decanted into a new/unused white glass dropper bottle. Cost to commission would be $200, available here for $150 SOLD

- Sebum Customs Tonka serum - bottle is just under half full. Cost to commission is $250 for the serum. Available here for $100

- Santa Maria Novella shaving cream, new/unused - Retail is $85.63 shipped, available here for $69 SOLD

- Maol/Talbot Shaving Wilde Flowers 2x soap and 1x aftershave - aftershave used 1x, one of the soaps scoped with plastic knife 1x, other soap new/unused - available for $45 SOLD

- Midnight & Two Citrus Island soap 4x 4oz, all new/unused (one tin slightly dented) - this soap maker went out of business unexpectedly. Performance and scent on these are similar to what one would expect from Sebum Gold at a fraction of the cost. Retail on these was, I believe $25 each. Selling the lot for $70. SOLD

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