09-26-2021, 11:02 AM
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This is my first razor that I bought from Karve. Comes with E&F SB & OC plates. I did the antiquing on the brass myself and it looks pretty cool. I never antiqued the handle because I always used the Charcoal Goods brass antiqued Torpedo handle with it which is included. Full razor is $100 CAD plus $30 CAD for each additional base plate. Basically $80 for the razor and $23 per base plate. The CG handle is going for $49 right now. All in, this set would be right at about $200 new. Selling CONUS for $150. PM me if interested.
[Image: 713ef3e726da6a1b597bcf95a6760d19.jpg]
[Image: f076b0203c6ead13af6304b2f0c00235.jpg]
[Image: 0776625b31229162def7badb1406724e.jpg]
[Image: 7a1feaf973747f29c84f10b7c024debc.jpg]

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