09-30-2021, 01:00 PM
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You may have heard about Charlie (Chazt) in other threads, pushing us all to buy new razors (or MORE razors) to play in the upcoming Open Comb October (OCO).  I'd already added ONE open comb razor to my stash in preparation for his OCO celebration, but today in the mail ANOTHER one arrived!

It's a dual-comb razor head (I got it on Amazon or Ebay, I forget which one).  It's some no-name generic Chinese head, but I'd never seen anything like it, so I ordered one.  I think I paid $6 (with free shipping) so it's not like I broke the bank on it or anything.  One side of the base plate is an Open Comb razor, while the other side has a solid safety bar (with goofy slants cut into it). 

I guess the point is to be able to try both OC and solid bar in order to determine which you like better.  Or maybe use OC if your beard growth is a few days old, or the solid side for daily shavers.  I dunno.  It looked cool, though.  And everybody KNOWS the old time-tested and well-proven Hadley Baxendale Maxim: "if it looks cool, it works better."  Which isn't true, but is still a fun Maxim to quote often, and applies particularly well when you want to buy something that looks cool for no apparent reason.  (It's a great way to justify utterly impractical but tacti-cool AR accessories, too.)
[Image: XnNhNxZ.jpg]
I screwed it on to a 2-piece Parker travel razor handle -- it fit fine. 
I'll try it out tomorrow.

My lovely bride opened the mail today and when she saw this, she asked "what's this?  ANOTHER razor?"  I was initially at a loss for words. 
Being a quick thinker, however, I immediately blamed Charlie.
- Bax

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 09-30-2021, 03:58 PM
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Yeah, I’m not usually that quick, Bax. Besides, we’ve been through too much in our 38 years to quibble over trinkets. I just look her in the eye and say, “Yep, it’s another (fill in the blank).”

Your new SB-OC razor is a groovy acquisition. I have something similar in the iKon B1OSS. I’ll be using it for Sunday’s shave. Prior to this particular iKon I also owned the Shavecraft aluminum version. The B1OSS is a milder razor than the Shavecraft was (if memory serves correct). As I recall the solid bar side of the Shavecraft was more efficient than was the comb side. It’s the other way around with the stainless version. Please let us know your opinions of the new dual comb acquisition as they evolve.

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 10-02-2021, 03:08 PM
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I have a Timeless titanium dual comb.  Love it.  I use the open comb side for pass 1 and the straight bar for pass 2.

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