10-05-2021, 12:59 PM
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Does anyone here have one of these brushes?  It is one of my favorites.  It would be interesting to see where they are after 10 years.  Thanks....

[Image: w8vW996.jpg]

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 10-06-2021, 04:49 AM
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The 2011 Caravela, with its mixed boar/badger knot, generated a lot of positive feedback in 2011.  If I recall correctly, only 100 were made.  It will be interesting to see what has become of these brushes.

The Caravela knot is presently available in a Semogue SOC ivory or butterscotch handle.  

 Semogue SOC Caravela (Mixed) Brush in Butterscotch Resin – BullGoose Shaving

Semogue SOC Caravela (Mixed) Brush in Taj Resin – BullGoose Shaving

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 10-06-2021, 10:59 PM
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seems to go by the name "Mistura" in other shops

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