10-09-2021, 05:17 AM
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Been researching various preshaves including homemade recipes but have not tried to mix my own yet as I've tried to stay away from oils.  I have found that I can use Gillette 1919 (actually a brushless, clear shave gel) as a preshave and it comes the closest to working for me but I have to reapply after 2nd pass.  Same with Proraso preshave.  I have never used a preshave oil though I did try some straight olive oil with a messy, disastrous result.  So before I embark on this new adventure I've got a few questions and am open to all opinions before I embark on this adventure.  I know this is a love/hate relationship among some of the members of this forum but let me have it (good or bad).

For reference, I do wash my face with Pears glycerin soap prior to shaving and did try it as a preshave but it did not work very well.

What product would you recommend to use?

What product would you NOT recommend to use?

Is it safe to use a preshave oil with a badger brush?

Any other tips you may have on using the oil?

Thank you in advance!!

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 10-09-2021, 03:58 PM
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I’ve never used a pre-shave oil, so I have no opinion there. But I do from time to time enjoy using the P-Red pre-shave cream. More for the scent of it than any actual benefit to shave quality (I don’t detect any real benefit other than the scent). BullGoose sells a few different pre-shave oils. Perhaps Phil can guide you here.

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 10-09-2021, 07:32 PM
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Acqua Di Parma preshave oil is the one I would recommend. If you can get the older one(not Colonia).

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 10-10-2021, 06:48 PM
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About 10 years ago I went through a bottle of Art of Shaving pre-shave oil.  I found that it was  unecessary and did not improve my shave.  Actually, using too much of it actually made for a worse  shave.  A proper prep with a lot of hot water contributes more to my shave than a pre-shave oil.

I suggest you try the Asylum pre-shave oil BullGoose carries to determine if it improves your shave.

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