10-10-2021, 12:33 PM
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Up for your consideration is a Blackland Brassbird (now unobtanium/ no longer produced). The handle is polished by blackland to a beautiful polish (pictures dont do justice). The stand and oc base plate are machined brass. I force patina the baseplate to jet black and it will reverse patina with use. It can be polished back to brass. The top cap is very well polished by hand.

Asking $200 shipped conus (original price is $185 for machined razor and stand currently going for $30).

Price reduction to $190!
This will come with 50 blades (variety).[Image: 6e908e3169a73d2810c744282bcd1509.jpg][Image: ca4eecae93f9bbea16e8f10a92feaf75.jpg][Image: c97ab47fa9d117347b7abd97dd2d36d9.jpg][Image: abee0f648c28ed9a171d44a6122c0879.jpg][Image: 4a8b19d6ad8fc075e8ca762074f1e9c0.jpg][Image: a9c2594d3056db4df7e907926e84ae33.jpg]

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