10-28-2021, 03:06 AM
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This razor has been sold.

Offered here is a polished copper Level 2 (medium) solid bar razor with a grooved cap and "Stars and Stripes" handle  

It's exactly as it appeared when it showed up on my doorstep, literally like new and in the original box.  No patina and no verdigris yet, because I live in the desert and have kept this razor in a closed case all its life.  (Maybe just a tiny bit beginning if you look closely at the little circle on the underside of the base plate in Photo #3 below).  The finish is like a shiny new penny with not a scratch on it.

I have a couple Charcoal Goods razors, and they have always been favorites of mine.  The level of small-batch craftsmanship is like something from another era.

When you can get them (and you almost never can), these go for $174 new.  This one is just like new (and available now) for $120 including shipping to your U.S. doorstep. I use PayPal, and I pay the fee.  And I ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Please take a look at the photos, look at the Charcoal Goods website, check my feedback, and PM me if interested.  Thanks.


[Image: ex3ERqk.jpg]

[Image: hsJcz5W.jpg]

[Image: GVqPqPA.jpg]

[Image: FXBiNJY.jpg]

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