10-28-2021, 03:18 AM
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This razor has been sold.

This is a one-owner mint condition King Cobra from Classic Shaving.  Literally like new with not a scratch or smudge on it.  Beautifully crafted stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish.  It takes single-edge Artist Club blades that are inserted by moving a lever under the chin of the razor.  Extraordinary shaver.  Aggressive but silky smooth.  Well balanced with the most grippy handle I've ever experienced.

These are no longer available.  If you go to the Classic Shaving website, you'll see that they were last available for $375 new.  This one is like new, and I'm only asking $200, which includes shipping to your U.S. address.  I only take PayPal, and I pay the fee.  I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Check the photos, check the Classic Shaving website, check the photos, check my feedback, and PM me if interested.



P.S.  This razor came from Classic Shaving in a crappy little cardboard box, which I discarded.  I'll ship to you in a better one.

[Image: 6PCO8yy.jpg]

[Image: Tu6nmUu.jpg]

[Image: PfKPZvP.jpg]

[Image: H5L8xX5.jpg]

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