11-07-2021, 05:33 PM
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I have been trying to maintain equilibrium - and thanks to the gents here at TSN I am over again by two razors (to equilibrium, not to sanity).  So I looked & I looked, these two would be better off with newer owners .. one Cole's Slant, a department store rebranding of the Merkur probably, but a nice razor.  Cased with the fuzz I didn't see in the view finder ..

Second a Gillette Super Adjustable, 109, in case & with the yellowed cardstock .. and two blades!   This one may not have been shaved with, I know I didn't.  

I'd prefer to sell both to  someone for say $140[Image: UhTt1ml.jpg], in which case shipping is on me, and I will adjust when you'd purchase .. otherwise, I'd say a fair price on the Coles would be USD $90, the SA $60

If I have missed the market of course let me know

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