12-07-2021, 08:28 AM
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This is something I have been searching for over many years. A Vintage Simpson Butterscotch Travel Brush or Turnaround. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the second of the two vintage styles that Simpson made before the modern Major Turnaround brush. It is a private label made for Woodward & Lothrop for sale in there dept stores. A beautiful example of a seldom seen brush. Overall in very good condition with a wonderful aged patina to the surface. The knot is about 19mm, super soft and, so far, not a shedder. The W&L company logo has enough black remaining to read. The Simpson logo is mostly gone but the engraving is partly remaining. It is engraved with a model # “5” above “Best Badger” and below that is “Simpson” where the sticker was. Slight color change where the sticker was but that’s long gone. Even missing the cap, I am ecstatic finding this brush

This brings me to my dilemma and a Hail Mary attempt for help. It’s missing the cap that would have screwed to the end. Seller told my it was long gone when it was acquired. I know it a long shot to find a part of a rare brush but got to try. Any lead on the missing part would be gratefully appreciated

Last pictures are with its fraternal twin and it’s distant cousin, a Vulfix Turnaround 

[Image: o2EAx90.jpg][Image: nnSx0u8.jpg][Image: 4I5rEiF.jpg][Image: NI2hyLd.jpg][Image: H7IzZ6U.jpg][Image: dJng0qV.jpg][Image: kiqBsAG.jpg]

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 12-07-2021, 05:53 PM
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Good looking and a great find, Tim. I hope you find the part you’re looking for. I’ll bet you get lucky. If not soon, then just down the road apiece..

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