12-08-2021, 03:59 AM
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Dear Shaving-Aficionado's:

   There are many great posts about shaving routines, but not about what keeps you sticked to that routine (or not).

   Do you have a shaving/grooming/daily routine? How important is it for you to stick to your shaving/grooming/daily routine? And how difficult is it for you to stick to that routine? What are distracting elements for you that make you may not stick to routines? Do you make any variations on your routine? What are you changing at times? Or maybe you are indifferent to routines? How do you deal with that indifference to make sure you leave the door or show up to your lady perfectly?

   Looking forward to read from you how you maintain the routine steady (or not).


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 12-08-2021, 04:48 AM
  • Chappy
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I have a base routine but do change on occasion depending on what equipment, shave soap, or activity I have going that morning.  Since I retired I don't usually shave until mid morning and will change razors occasionally just on a whim, add a dollop of Cremo to my shave soap for the cooling effect or some Barbasol 1919 for some added slickness to certain soaps.  I usually use the same blade all week but if it even hints at pulling then it is changed.  On hectic mornings when I have a lot of activity planned I will even skip a day of shaving on occasion.  I enjoy shaving very much and just like to take my time and enjoy it.

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 12-08-2021, 07:16 AM
  • chazt
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When I was working I shaved 6 days a week. Work nights (Sunday through Thursday) were evening shaves. Saturday morning was my “me time” shave. I’ve now been retired for eleven months, and much has changed with my routine. Or rather, lack thereof - relatively speaking. I’ve settled exclusively into day shaves. At approximately 10 AM, the sun is in just the right spot for quality illumination, in tandem with the bathroom light fixtures. So I aim for a 10:00 shave. However, if due to extenuating circumstances I can’t get my shave in by say, 11, 11:30, it will often be postponed until the following day. Since retirement, my frequency of shaves per week is down to 4-5 times. There’ve even been some weeks when that number was down to 2-3 times.

My routine itself hasn’t changed. Mrs. chazt selects the day’s blade from the big box of blades and then I select the matching razor. Then comes soap and brush selection. Soak the brush for five minutes while palm stropping and loading the blade, then brush teeth, wash face, load brush, face lather, shave. It’s a simple routine; lather, shave, rinse, repeat. Two passes, splash, cleanup and done. It’s generally about a half hour from start to finish. It’s my quiet time. Just me and my razor.

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 12-08-2021, 03:16 PM
  • Bax
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I rotate razors, so that rotation never changes (much).  But my actual routine changes with the season.  Most of the year, I like taking my time and whipping up an obscene amount of lather in a bowl and just having fun with it (usually getting more on the sink and mirror than my face).  As Winter comes along, I usually shave when it's cold (early morning) and don't want to take the time to use a bowl... so I heat up a brush in a bowl of hot water while I steam my face with a towel (or washcloth) and face-lather with either a stick (rubbed on my face) or a tube (squished directly on the brush).  I like the hot brush on my face on cold mornings.  I usually face-lather with horse or boar, but bowl lather with badger.  In the winter, I usually call a quick 2-pass shave close enough.  (Shave... close... see what I did there?)  Then I rinse with cold water and slap on some aftershave balm (I only use the thinner aftershave lotion when it's warm out, balm in the winter).  If I have a chance, maybe I'll try mid-morning shaves like Chappy and Charlie.  Maybe by mid-morning the house will be warm enough for me to take more time to shave...
- Bax

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 12-08-2021, 05:40 PM
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My routine is that I shave every morning.  On Monday through Friday I shave early in the morning.  On Saturday and Sunday I shave later in the morning.  

I randomly pick the razor, brush and soap for each shave.

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 12-09-2021, 11:21 PM
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I usually shave in the evening after work and before dinner. Before the pandemic, I shaved my beard every 2 days and my head every 4. Through months of experimentation, I have determined that this was the optimal interval for me to get the best feeling shaves. During the pandemic, this schedule started to slip as I was home all the time and I was shaving my head about every 4 days and head about once a week. Now, I am back to work in my office and I am finding it hard to go back to my pre-pandemic schedule, even thought it gives me better feeling shaves. I feel like I am stuck in a pandemic acquired state of laziness.

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 12-11-2021, 07:47 PM
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For my daily routine, I alternate between two razors, using each one for a week. I only use one blade type -an Astra SP. I have two brushes, a badger and a synthetic. I pick whichever one I think will go with the soap or cream I happen to be using.

The most “fun” thing I do to my daily routine is to use a random number generator to pick my soap or cream. I have total of 40 soaps and creams, including many samples. I have all these listed in a spreadsheet on my phone. I have a hyperlink in the spreadsheet to random.org. I quickly pick one soap or cream from the list and use that for the day’s shave. I’ve been doing that for a couple months. It helps ensure that I use all of my products.

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 12-12-2021, 05:03 PM
  • RyznRio
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I once maintained a steady rotation of brush, soap, blade, razor, and post shave routine.  Last Christmas I bought myself a gift of a Simpsons Trafalgar T3. Since I started using that brush I have not used any other brush. My boar and badgers look great on my shelf. As for soap, I alternate every few months between Mike's Natural Lime and CRSW Schapenmelk. Blades and razors are mood choices at the time of shaving. I like DE and SE razors. The DE blades have been leaning toward Wizamet recently but any other "good blade" in my collection could make the cut. SE is always a Feather Pro. Occasionally (once a month or so) I will shave with a GEM lightweight with a GEM blade of course. Post shave is alum then Pitralon splash until the stash runs out in the fall of '22 I am guessing, then balm of Prep (in the noxema-esqe jar) mixed with Pre de Provence and Nivea Balm. all that is followed by a big smile at my smoooooth (not enuf ooo's in smooth) for my face.

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 12-17-2021, 08:52 AM
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Inerstin' thread - found a few things I will try in my essentially unwavering routine of 15 years.

Run a sink of hot water
Soak brush in glass by sink
Badger for croap
Boar for cream
Synt for hard soap
Bloom puck [soap chosen night b4 based on weather/work]
Rotation: razors/blades established per performance history
Shower [~3 minutes]
Dry less face & neck
Apply one: MYRSOL-ABC-GD pre-shave
Pour bloom water in soap lid
Squeeze water out of brush
Load like a fiend with occasional brush dips in the lid
Go to face for lathering with the proto-lather [okra-snot]
Build face lather with occasional brush dips in lid
3 pass
Balm rotation: ABC, Ethos, Kiehls, Proraso White
Clean up: brush and razor maintenance
Apply Scent of the day

30 minutes

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