12-23-2021, 05:29 PM
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[Image: l4ZIjL6.jpg][Image: aGCuysG.jpg]This is my little review of the barbaros TR-2 razor that I just received from bullgoose. Regarding shipping and just overall Phil is amazing guy always responsive and always does great by me so no complaints in that department.
First shave I used perma sharp blade and it was absolutely mindless and effortless bbs shave without even trying hard. It was smooth with very little blade feel on the face. So to me that means I know where the blade is without taking a layer of the skin off. I though it was a perfect combination.
Tonight I have used a fresh feather blade. What I found interesting is that it was just as smooth again effortless and mindless bbs shave. BUT ended up with a little irritation which was certainly contributed but a overly sharp blade. If I would be shaving every so often that would work but since I am a daily shaver feather blade people do to be a bit much.
Regarding the new railed handle. There are 3635273 razors for sale as we speak. I have tried probably 363637 of them ?.  It was a welcome that this handle designed like that. It’s definitely different then most handles. Sort of reminds me of a handle from the gem razor. All in all between packaging and the quality of the razor and polishing of it I am amazed how good it is. Expensive??? Yes it is but it’s something that will definitely outlive me. I can’t justify spending lots of money on brushes but razors are different story.
Now someone please educate me on how to upload photos when I do a review. Wish I could include some pictures in this review but I don’t see an option for that.

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 12-24-2021, 04:14 AM
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That's a useful review.  Thanks for posting it.

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 12-24-2021, 08:32 AM
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I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the razor Alek. Thank you for posting the review.

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 12-24-2021, 12:59 PM
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Nice review, It's always a great feeling to click with a razor. Seeing your empty bottle of Floid Black makes me wish I had a backup to replace my almost empty bottle.

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