12-28-2021, 09:39 AM
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Lmk if I'm of base with anything, I'm flexible... prices include paypal g&s fees as well as CONUS shipping.

1934 Gillette Aristocrat - $300 SOLD
Very nice razor and case, plating in very good condition.

Single ring travel set - $100 SOLD
Lid attached just fine, missing front flap, has snap button still attached to the snap, NOS shave stick in canister, Gillette badger brush in container, one blade bank.

Gillette ABC pocket edition - $75 TRADED
Model 501 shipper and basketweave case only. Any abc shell razor would be a match. No razor included.

Toggle case - $100 SOLD
No insert, opens and closes fine, but doesn't spring open/snap shut.

Executive case - $50 SOLD
Very nice displayed open, not such a looker closed. Fair condition. Corner crack in mirror, leather is rough around the edges, interior velvet nice, clasp is perfect.

Gold tech travel set - $30 TRADED
Zipper works, pull missing. Comb missing. Has toothbrush, razor in excellent condition, shave stick in tube, shave brush in tube. Great for travel.

Old Type Pocket Edition - $40 TRADED
Gold basketweave case, nickel head.

Cased Sheraton - $75 SOLD
Good user, worn plating, still shines well. Case opens and closes, no spring.

Psycho with aftermarket key - $150 SOLD

Valet Auto Strop with strop in box - $25 

[Image: FTSZ4Rs.jpg]

[Image: dFV9qS1.jpg]

[Image: Q1wIMK6.jpg]

[Image: 7xUuItK.jpg]

[Image: jMXYvjk.jpg]

[Image: xoN9KWn.jpg]

[Image: u0d44te.jpg]

[Image: yp7afBN.jpg]

[Image: wPvPjpV.jpg]

[Image: Thq8zGI.jpg]

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 01-04-2022, 08:10 AM
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No takers on the psycho, shocked! Lol

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