10-07-2012, 07:58 PM
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Here is a E-3 replated nickel Gillette fatboy with assorted blades everything about this razor works properly I think I should just stick with straights ao anyone will be lucky I have this beauty and I'm asking 65 shipping is included and tracking and insurance is more.
[Image: 9EA4AFE6-2916-4FE4-A894-4020A5C910B0-757...3BB3CB.jpg]
[Image: 9A563BBD-F686-4039-8BC9-6A83A03C35B0-757...8C7356.jpg]
[Image: 846F042E-C824-4B26-86BE-18632EB4CB01-757...75097E.jpg]
[Image: 93028B5F-FC1E-4A11-9081-6BC73E74E392-757...13C5ED.jpg]

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