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Saponificio Varesino
New Beta 4.3 Cosmo
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We, at Saponificio Varesino, are proud to announce that our great classic COSMO Shaving Soap is now available
in the new enriched beta 4.3 formula in the new "Aluminum Edition" packaging.

We revisited its formulation structure, re-calibrated the balance among ingredients and added Larch extracts in order for this new “Cosmos 4.3”
to reach an excellent post-shave level and unrivaled comfort.

The researchers, after examining their resin more carefully they found one particular compaund called “galactoarabinan (GA).”

Larch tree is a type of conifer that grows across the Italian Dolomites.

This ingredient is extracted from the trees through the use of only heat, pressure and water in order to extract only the best parts without any solvents or chemicals.

Larch trees extracts helps form a protective shield on the skin to reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation.

This ingredient reduces trans epidermal water loss, a panacea for basically dry skin,
which can be very helpful after shaving and as you go about your day, when the air outside and indoors tries to sap your skin of moisture.

We also added a new plant ingredient, based on castor oil, which has an outstanding lubricating and humectant properties
that favors the mechanical action of shaving.

All our soaps are triple milled (not from paste), which makes the soaps last much much longer
and guaranteeing also a consistent performance throughout the time of its use.

Come and find out on our website:


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