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I have several razors for sale. All pricing will include CONUS shipping. I do ship internationally but buyer please contact me for pricing. I accept paypal only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am flexible on prices and will consider trades.

Penn adjustable - $90
Presents as new. It was never used when i got it and i used it 2x since with only one blade. 4 sealed additional packs included

Gillette Gold Tech - $45
Case has seen better days but presents decently enough. Its not a basket case but not collector grade.  The razor looks damn good with maybe some lacquer loss around the neck.

Barbasol Floating Head -$100
Razor shines bright but the handle has a little plate loss. But the rest shines well.
Gillette No15 - $150
Case has pitting but interior looks fairly good. Razor shines buy doors have hazing. Handle shines brightly
Gillette Milord - $40
Razor looks extremely good with alot of the original lacquer intact but some missing here and there showing the shiny gold on the head

Gillette Empire old type -$40
Now im not sure the head and handle go together but the case unusual and hard to find. Mismatched or not its a good set.
Gillette Fatboy - $80
Case has blemishes, scratches, crazing, broken black hinge area and retainer. Razor looks awesome. The inside of doors has scratches and a little remnants of rust remaining. This razor was only cleaned with hot soap and tooth brush so additional cleaning is needed to remove the remaining rust.

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