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I like leather scents.  This one works for me (scentwise),  but not for my wifemate.

So its For Sale

PROPER SHAVE TULLAMORE is a tallow base shaving soap. Along with beef tallow, TULLAMORE consists of Aloe Vera Juice, Goats Milk, and premium specialty butters and oils. This allows TULLAMORE to produce a creamy, dense, buttery lather that loves water. TULLAMORE also features cosmetic-grade ingredients to add tremendous slickness, protection, and a proper post-shave experience.

Scent: Kieran - "Luxurious Leather"Kieran ("KEER-awn") is the rich aroma of freshly tanned leather enhanced with summer saddle soap.

I bought it on sale for $11.20 shipped.  If you'd like to try it, $7.50 mailed US50 in a padded envelope.
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