01-29-2022, 07:07 PM
  • MaxP
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The old formula AoS Sandalwood is my favorite. And my stash is getting lower than I care.

So - WTB. Please Pm with what you have that you'll sell.


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 02-13-2022, 03:10 AM
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I might be able to spare a puck or two. Need to dig through my stash but I stocked up a bit when it changed. My favorite too.

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 02-13-2022, 06:26 AM
  • chazt
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Mrs. chazt found the scent of the AoS sandalwood “intense.” So I took a puck each of AoS sandalwood and Valobra unscented. Grated, combined and mashed them into jars. The scent is now at an acceptable level for swmbo, and I have enough for my foreseeable shaving future.

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