02-05-2022, 05:02 PM
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[Image: 3jC1pUt.jpg] 

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 02-05-2022, 06:34 PM
  • Ram57
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Sunday SOTD
[Image: FgtxAPU.jpg]
1958 Gillette Super Speed T.V. Special
Blade: SuperMax SP Tiger (7)
Brush: Semogue 1305
Scuttle: Olivewood 4"
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGLO Lavender
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Mojito
Shave Soap: Taconic Bay Rum
Balm: Viking Soaps Bay Rum
Aftershave: Extro Bay Rum Artigianale

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 02-06-2022, 12:50 AM
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Good Sunday to you and your families

[Image: 50100453-004-C-4-E5-F-A243-F7-E458-ECFB54.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 01:26 AM
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[Image: 51865161498_e420feb864_b.jpg]

                                           Westman Adamastor // Semogue TSN LE // Paradigm SE // Westman Adamastor Splash

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 02-06-2022, 03:57 AM
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Blackland Vector
Feather Professional
Semogue SOC-C5 Finest Mixture
TGS Dawn of Glory Pre-Shave Gel
Fine American Blend
Cream, Splash & Balm

[Image: c77b5ffe93517d42654e878c67d3ef3f.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 04:09 AM
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Sunday, February 6, 2022.
Trueffit & Hill, oil pre shave. Dr Harris: Windsor, shaving cream, lotion, balm aftershave & EdT, best badger H2 shaving brush. Jose Monserrat Pou: Filarmónica 14, Doble Temple.
[Image: 14f00c4d5ea0b70148b5179046596a8f.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 04:33 AM
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[Image: voypZvA.jpg]

- Semogue LE Spanish Shavers 2021 Finest
- Joserra Céfiro Soap & ASL
- Blackland Blackbird Ti
- Gillette 7 o’clock Super Platinum
- Creed Aventus

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 02-06-2022, 04:40 AM
  • Obie
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Razor: Hoffritz 918, 13/1
Strop: Vintage Illinois No 203 shell; Mastro Livi loom
Brush: Omega Evo
Cream: Castle Forbes
Finale: Santa Maria Novella
Coffee: New Guinea 
Music: Brahms — Symphony No. 4
[Image: YlvCMb1.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 04:48 AM
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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Razor: Rocnel Elite – Black Titanium Finish
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Brush: Semogue TSN 2020 Silvertip Badger LE
Soap: Saponificio Varesino – TSN LE Flying Mango (Beta 4.0)
Post Shave: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
A/S: Antica Barbieria Colla A/S Milk - Green Tobacco

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 02-06-2022, 05:53 AM
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Sunday morning:

L’Oreal Men Expert Facial Wash
Large Turkish Horsehair
Super Speed/Gillette Platinum day 5
Williams Menthol SC
Prep ASB
Floid Vigoroso AS Splash

I can’t remember the last time I used this Turkish horsehair brush which a good friend of mine in the UK sent me but I can say this - it’s a hell of a good brush. It really drove the Williams Menthol cream’s lather into my face and whipped it up beautifully. The cream has a lovely scent, the lather is thick, rich, slick and protective, the menthol sensation is at a good middle of the road level, and the skincare is very good. The Prep is and has been my favourite balm for a good while, and the Floid Vigoroso aftershave is a top favourite of mine - do I ever love the old school barbershop scent and the menthol punch it gives me. Two passes sufficed to give me a great BBS shave!

Enjoy your Sunday - be well and safe!
[Image: a30187feec02a97f669cf9f3313bffd9.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 06:22 AM
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Wolfman WR1-OC (0.61mm) & WRH3 (90mm - Solid) Brass / Leo Frilot (Black with Gold Web Tru-Stone & Brass) + 30mm Oumo / Mountain Element Forged Brass / Sē’bŭm Customs Tonka Bean Butter
[Image: WoeLhzl.jpg][Image: X0lzpXn.jpg][Image: os31sH3.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 07:07 AM
  • 2Chops
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Brush: PAA Amber Aerolite
Soap: Williams Mug soap
Razor: '54 Flair Tip
Blade: Personna 
AS: Marting Soaps Citrus Waters 
Post: Organic Coconut oil 

Two passes.  Not headed anywhere today.  So just a decent kick around the house type shave.  Pretty nice actually.  Good day gents.

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 02-06-2022, 07:51 AM
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Sunday, February 6
[Image: 5jIkoQy.jpg]
I Coloniali~~Rubberset 400/3~~Feather AC/Professional Super~~Alt Innsbruck
Have a great day!

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 02-06-2022, 08:39 AM
  • clint64
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February 6, 2022
Asylum Rx V2
Schick Proline
Simpson CH2 Synthetic
Ayslum Levante Shave Soap
Proraso Red Aftershave

Today was the second shave with the Asylum Rx V2.  The fit and finish on the razor is top notch.  I am really pleased with the overall feel of the razor.  I did a much better job today and was rewarded with a smoother shave than yesterday.  I did have a couple of operator error induced weepers.  I am sure I will get it completely dialed in over the next several shaves.

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 02-06-2022, 10:23 AM
  • Wolf
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Cream: La Toja Piel Sensible.
Brush: Yaqi R1729-22DF.
Razor: Yaqi Head SRH04, Unbranded Handle.
Blade: Shark Super Stainless.
Aftershave: Epsilon Scottish Spirit.

[Image: Lwx6dnR.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 10:53 AM
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02/06/22 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with HC&C Emperor Oud Soap Bar
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Doppelgänger Green Label Shampoo & Conditioner Bar - Homage to Paco Rabanne Pour Homme
Phoenix Shaving The Original Chill Mill - Menthol Grinder
Shannon's Soap LTD Collaboration with The Razor Company - All the Rage Chupacabra Base 
Yaqi Moka Express Shaving Brush 26mm Two Band Badger
Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl - Obsidian
Smart Helix Apollo Stainless Steel Razor UA19028 Mild Setting
Phoenix Shaving Platinum Strangelet Super Sharps Double Edge Blades - 1st Shave
Lancaster Razor Works Tangerine Orange Black Sheep Shaving Towel
Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block with Rubber Grip Band 
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
Booster Mosswood Aftershave
The Sudsy Soapery 100% All Natural White Sage and Lime, Creamy Aftershave Balm
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements St Martin's Land Natural Deodorant - Sport Strength 

[Image: pxbx8Dw.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 11:37 AM
  • Beau
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Sunday, February 6, 2022:
[Image: 1Cfy93p.jpg]
Pre-shave: Ach Brito Glyce Lime Oil Pre-Shave Soap
Razor: Timeless 0.95mm Solid Bar Smooth Cap / Knurled Handle
Blade: Feather New Hi-Stainless (1)
Soap: Le Père Lucien - Oud-Santal
Brush: The Varlet Mega
Lather Bowl: Captain's Choice - Magma
Post-shave: Osma Bloc d'Alun / Cold Water Rinse
Aftershave: Le Père Lucien - Oud-Santal

[Image: PKjwdm4.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 11:50 AM
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Semogue Spanish Shavers 2021 Finest boar
WestMan Utopia
Gillette Black Beauty
Gillette Blue Blades [Image: 110b2aad960014ef11a4eb37e01060a5.jpg]

Enviado do meu MAR-LX1A através do Tapatalk

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 02-06-2022, 02:02 PM
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Brush: Yaqi Bali
Soap: Southern Witchcrafts Labyrinth
Razor: Blackland Blackbird Jet SB
Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum
Splash: Southern Witchcrafts Labyrinth

[Image: UWmArfp.jpg]

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 02-06-2022, 03:25 PM
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Henson ALU13 Mild razor/Feather blades/Proraso White-Cremo combo Cream/Simpson Trafalgar T3 brush.


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