10-08-2012, 06:22 PM
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I've a glut of soaps and creams for trade.

The creams I have most of are Old Spice (Shulton, Mumbai), Vasmol Cool Mist (possibly my favorite tubed SC), and Gatsby SC, a spectacular cream infused with witch hazel, calendula & aloe.

Both the latter creams are mentholated, but in no overpowering way (think Valobra Menthol soft soap).

I have a ton to offer so if these items don't appeal to you, I can list my others privately.

I also have a Parker 71R, mint, I'd put up for trade.


Here are two tubes of Gatsby. Over the years of my buying it, the look has changed, but the formula's remained unadulterated. The newer, more attractive TUBE, holds 70grams of the SC, while the older one holds 100.

[Image: A4yofynCIAAS46E.jpg:large]

Here is the Parker Razor: [Image: A4yrhkdCEAAnqfO.jpg:large]

If you'd like to see a better picture (I photograph horridly) click the link that follows, which describes the DE in detail: http://webshop.total-shave.nl/Parker-71R-safety-razor

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