03-25-2022, 10:12 PM
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A few vintage items to re-home here...pricing all inclusive of CONUS shipping and paypal fees. International ok, you pay shipping over $5.
As always, open to trades, combined shipping, anything creative! 
Thanks for looking Smile

Gillette common bar NEW Red and Black set, lots of brassing, beautiful patina, gorgeous shine. No cracks or bent teeth. Very good case, snaps open/shut - $40

Valet Auto Strop in case with NOS strop in box - $25

SOLD Gillette K1 Slim good plating, some dulling on silo doors, paint is all there, mechanically like new. Final quarter turn lock is perfect, blade tray moves up and down freely, solid clicks on adjustment dial. - $35 - SOLD 

J4/C4 Superspeeds both user grade - $20 for the pair

Gillette English bakelite case only, presents well, some chips and cracks repaired during its life... somebody loved it. Snaps open/shut nicely, lid stays in any position. - $20

Gem Feather Weight, excellent condition, mirror shine, no cracks or flaws on handle - $15
[Image: U6XGt8B.jpg][Image: ZY5D0Yk.jpg][Image: X4bia65.jpg][Image: E4eVUrq.jpg][Image: tuWsCUg.jpg][Image: DaRUqoP.jpg][Image: gdoAlPz.jpg][Image: w1DnJzq.jpg][Image: uT2Gv58.jpg][Image: rJHEpAX.jpg][Image: jg302Ff.jpg][Image: c9xV6sQ.jpg]

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 03-30-2022, 07:58 AM
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Slim has been re-homed! Thanks!

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