03-27-2022, 05:57 AM
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Hey there is someone here who has tried both Gillette ATRA and Gillette Vector
And can tell me if he felt any difference in shaving quality,
What shaves closer between the two, and what feels more pleasant on the skin.
*I do not really care about the differences in the handles between the two
What is more interesting is the head

Many Thanks [Image: upload_2022-3-27_16-50-0-gif.266521] [Image: smile.png]

[Image: 149829865_1549288280FD60D086.jpg]
[Image: cdbf0c81-36e0-4d42-a8b6-1fc047aea2c2.__C..._V1___.jpg]

Gillette Vector
[Image: HTB1vzV1lj3z9KJjy0Fmq6xiwXXa7.jpg]

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