04-19-2022, 05:14 PM
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I have read a lot of post about to tape or no to tape and no one has never give the good information that I reach after a lot of experience and now I want to share with the ones interested.

I will speak about the 2 common mistakes people do!

1-First mistake is thinking that taping the spine will give problem of geometry! 
Is it complety wrong if applied without specifications!

2-Second mistake is to avoid to put tapes because it will cause a wrong stropping
Also this is false without details!

1- Changing geometry it doesn't mean a problem automatically but must  be done considering ours target!
Ideal bevel is 17 degree. But there are other considerations must be done before deciding to change th e bevel. A good bevel is in the range 15-19.9 Outside of this range we  should modify the bevel putting or removing the tape! But in some cases it is better to not respect this range! For example if I need a a very aggressive angle because my beard is heavy and the blade is too thin for my beard! I must accept a not ideal bevel and go under 15 degree ,even if the blade will lose his sharpness before, it will be possible have a confortable shave also with a heavy beard! 
It  is important to control the bevel in deciding to put or remove the tape. When you reach the ideal bevel there is no need to tape but if the spine doesn't wear enough to maintain a good bevel after the reduction of the width of the blade we must reduce  the thickness of the spine!  grinding it!

2-This mistake is typical of people don't know that straight razor should be stropped with the same angle of honing neverless there are blogs that say it is not necessary. Putting the tape will resolve any problems! But most people also professional said is not necessary because the strop is flexible . But if  you try will understand  they are wrong!

Hope this will help people in deciding what to do!   There are excel sheet with you can calculate the bevel and decide to put or not to put tape!

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 04-19-2022, 06:04 PM
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I always tape my straight razors when honing them.  I do this to prevent hone wear on the spine and not to change the angle.  My only concern is getting the edge sharp enough, and I don't worry about what the angle is.  Once I'm off the highest grit stone, I remove the tape and strop on balsa with diamond paste  I then strop on leather.  

I'm aware of the thinking that if you hone with tape you need to strop with tape, because removing the tape changes the angle.  In my experience this issue is more theoretical than real.  Removing the tape only changes the angle by a miniscule amount, and the balsa and leather strops have enough give to make the change of angle meaningless.

This is what works for me to  get a great edge.  As with everything else in shaving, a man should use whatever honing method produces the best results for him.

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